3 Tips to Make Moving Easy in 2020

Almost everyone can agree that moving into a new apartment or house feels like an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to. With a bit of early planning and preparation, your next move will be less stressful and more successful. Outlining every step of the moving process in a complete checklist takes just a little bit of time and will pay off in the long run. We at Silver Star Moving have compiled three tips to make moving easy.

Find Local Moving Companies

The first step of moving into a new place is to find local movers that can meet your personal requirements. Every person is different and so are the individual needs when it comes to transporting their belongings. It’s a good idea to begin this stage of your move well in advance of the actual moving day to ensure that you’re getting the best rates from a moving company that you can trust.

To start, get a free moving quote based on the scale of your move and the services required. Plan ahead by making a list of all aspects associated with the move; packaging, moving, storage, trash removal, etc. Be as detailed as possible when describing your move to receive the most accurate estimate and avoid any day of surprises.

Overwhelmed homeowner under a pile of cardboard moving boxes.

Once you’ve determined your needs and requested quotes, be sure to read the reviews of your local movers. This is a rather easy process as most of the work has already been done by online review companies such as Yelp, HomeAdvisor and Google Business. When you’ve found a nearby moving company, search them by name on those platforms to see what past customers have to say. It is also a great way to gauge their customer service based on their responses to negative reviews. Many people only post reviews of a poor experience and seeing how management handles these situations will help you evaluate the companies responsiveness and reliability.

After completing researching movers local to you, it’s time to make a decision and get started with the next stage. Book early to give yourself enough time to complete everything prior to moving day. Now that your move has been scheduled, the organizing and packing begins.

Determine the Best Way to Pack

When it comes to packing for the move, it’s something that can certainly be handled on your own, but we recommend leaving it to the trained professionals. Silver Star Moving & Storage has over 20 years of experience and knows how to pack all items for a safe and seamless move. Protection of your belongings is a top priority so it’s important that everything is wrapped tightly with plastic cling wrap and swaddled in protective pads to ensure secure transport. And when using a professional mover, take advantage of any freebies that they offer. Such as free wardrobe boxes that make moving your clothes as simple as taking it (hanger and all) out of your closet and placing it right into a specially designed garment box. That’s a nice way to cut down your post move tasks by removing laundry from the equation.

Going to a location that doesn’t have room for all of your belongings? You’ll need to consider storage needs or trash removal depending on your needs. When deciding on your storage solution, look for an option with a climate controlled warehouse, secure individual vaults, and onsite assistance for loading/unloading.

Complete Moving Day Checklist

All of the preparation leads up to one thing, moving day! Now let’s be honest, despite everyone’s best efforts there always seems to be some last minute packing that occurs on the day of the move. Remember to keep your first night essentials separate so they don’t get caught up in the move. After moving day, the last thing you’ll want to do while settling in is search through boxes for your toothbrush! 

Moving day checklist.

Know that every move is different, so your checklist may not be exactly the same as the next person, but it’ll help streamline the process. Do your research to find the best local moving company, determine everything that you’ll need specific to your move and keep an eye on the checklist to track your progress.

If you need any professional moving advice or would like a free quote from Silver Star Moving, please contact us here.

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Jimmy Mulls has experience in the industry, having worked for a variety of moving companies throughout the country before settling in Los Angeles. With a passion for helping people execute a straightforward move, writing about the subject comes natural. He's the lead content creator for Silver Star Moving and Storage and covers a range of related topics such as where to move and how to prepare for moving day. And being a natural born traveler, he has seen much of Southern California so he prides himself on knowing the most efficient routes throughout the region.

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