How to Get Out of Helping a Friend Move

Top Excuses to Avoid Moving a Friend

You’ve got to be quick on your toes if you’re going to get out of helping this friend move.

A frustrated guy has had enough of helping his friend move.

We’ve all been there before, your phone rings, it’s a close friend and when you answer it’s the question we all dread, “Can you help me move?”

Do you even want to get out of helping them move? I’m guessing so if you’ve found these tips, but if you’re not that opposed to lending a hand, then you might be able to get a favor in return. Don’t do it for nothing. 😉

Find Out When Your Friend is Moving

If you do want to get out of helping them move, the first step is figuring out when that is. How can you avoid something if you don’t know when it’s happening?

Let’s say this friend randomly reaches out and pops the question, your first response should be, “What day?”

This shows right away that it’s not out of the question, making you look like a friend that’s willing to help, how nice of you!

When they say what day they’ll be moving, just inform them that you’ll need to confirm and then get back to them with one of the reason below!

Reasons to Not Help Someone Move

If you don’t already have a reason lined up to avoid helping that friend of yours move, try out one of our suggestions below and you’ll be home free.

You Have to Work

If the boss says you have to be there, not much you can do, even if it’s on a Saturday. Your friend can’t be mad if you’re trying to progress your career.

You’ve Got a Dentist Appointment

Nobody can argue against good hygiene. Plus, when was the last time you actually went to the dentist, hmmm?

Your Truck is in the Shop

A truck being worked on by a mechanic to help get out of moving a friend.

Do you have a truck? That’s usually a reason someone asks you to help them moving, they just want to use your truck.

This is one that you’ll need to commit to pretty hard, if they happen to live close, they may swing by to confirm it actually is in the shop. If you’ve got a garage, make sure the door is closed and better not have any windows on the front. But if someone is snooping around to confirm your story, they’re not a great friend.

You’ll Be Out of Town

Have you been looking to take a little vacation? Well, this may be your opportunity. Once you know the friend’s moving day, it’s time to call your travel agent! Do those even exist any more?

You Just Ate Some Spicy Food and Can’t Risk It

This one only works if they are asking you to help move the day of, otherwise it’s kind of tough to sell this story a few days in advance.

Schedule Something on Their Moving Day

Two burritos covered in hot salsa to use the "spicy burrito" excuse and get out of helping a friend move.

If you do commit to any of the options above, make sure you follow through and stick with your story. Otherwise you’re just lying to a friend and that’s not cool.

Say you’re going to be out town, the go camping or visit a family member. If you just ate spicy food, make sure you’ve got a burrito slathered in hot sauce in hand.

 You may not want to help, but they’re still your friend. So give ’em some useful advice…

Suggest a Professional Moving Company to Help Your Friend Move

Now, how do you close the deal and get out of helping? Suggest a professional moving company that can take care of the whole thing for them?

They’ll probably say that they can’t afford it.

Tell them Silver Star Moving and Storage has competitive pricing for local moves in the Los Angeles area and nearby regions.

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