Moving Checklist Ultimate Guide

Creating a Moving Checklist

Trying to relieve some stress caused by an upcoming move? Creating a moving checklist is a great way to stay organized throughout the process. This moving guide will make planning easier and set you up for success, even in worst case situations. Even those who feel incredibly under prepared, this list should motivate you to stop procrastinating as moving day gets closer. The more you prepare the less anxiety you’ll have when it comes time to actually move.

Before doing anything, print this moving checklist (download the PDF here) and place it in a moving folder or binder. This will be used to keep track of important information; phone numbers, quotes, receipts, etc. And though Silver Star is a Southern California moving company, our moving list can utilized in any region!

4 Weeks Before Your Move

❏ Contact Silver Star Moving and Storage for a free estimate.

❏ Perform a change of address with your local Post Office and inform subscriptions of change.

❏ Obtain all medical records while asking all medical providers to recommend a colleague near your new location.

❏ Determine items to be sold, discarded or donated to charity.

❏ Notify the local utilities at your origin/destination to have service turned off/on as needed.

❏ Decide which items to personally pack and which will require professional packing services.

3 Weeks Before Your Move

❏ Call Silver Star Moving and Storage to book your move.

❏ Sketch out a general floor plan of your destination to provide placement of furnishings.

❏ Arrange to move your plants, pets, and bulk items (piano, swing set, etc.).

❏ Check your homeowner’s policy to see if moving is covered by your insurer and transfer insurance to cover fire, theft and personal property at your new home.

2 Weeks Before Your Move

❏ If moving from/to an apartment building, reserve the elevator time on your moving day. And check if either building requires Silver Star to send a Certificate of Insurance.

❏ Require a parking permit? If so, notify your moving coordinator to obtain one.

❏ Keep Silver Star informed of any changes to your move (dates, times, quantity of items, etc.).

❏ If not part of your Silver Star service, arrange for proper servicing of appliances at your move to and from destinations.

❏ Plan your own drive to your destination.

❏ Discontinue regular services like newspaper delivery, trash pick-up and lawn service.

1 Week Before Your Move

❏ A Silver Star Customer Service Representative will reach out to confirm your move date. Evaluate your progress with packing at this time and let us know if you need our help.

❏ Coordinate with any on-site contractors to ensure the Silver Star crew has full access on move day.

❏ Arrange to disconnect/connect local phone service at your origin/destination.

❏ Determine which small valuables and necessities you will be taking with you. Pack up and set aside in a determined area.

❏ Use up all frozen foods or give them away – the SoCal Sun!

2 Days Before Your Move

❏ A Silver Star Customer Service Representative will contact you to confirm move start time and review last minute details.

1 Day Before Your Move

❏ Pack a box of arrival necessities for your new home. Bring this box with you or have your Silver Star driver load it last and unload it first.

❏ This is often the day packing is done; verify all packing services have been performed correctly before signing off.

❏ Defrost, clean and dry your refrigerator (if transported).

Moving Day

❏ Plan to be at your current home when our driver arrives and throughout the loading of your shipment. If you’re not able to be there, make sure the driver has the name and number of the person you’ve designated to oversee the process.

❏ Check the condition of all goods as inventoried and loaded.

❏ Make a final scan of your home/property and confirm that nothing has been overlooked.

❏ Sign the Bill of Lading, double-checking your new address and phone number are correct.

❏ Lock all doors, windows, turn off all switches.

Moving In

❏ If possible, arrive at your new home a day early to make sure utilities are connected.

❏ Plan the placement of major items in/around your home.

❏ Be on hand to pay the driver prior to the unloading of your goods.

Printable Moving Checklist PDF

We hope that this printable moving checklist pdf will help make your move that much easier. If you didn’t at the top of the page, you can print it out  HERE.

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